Monday, January 14, 2013

Some Pretties.

Dear Readers, 

As you read this post, I sincerely hope that you aren't plagued by an awful case of "The Mondays". If you are facing this dreadful state of mind, I recommend that you hang in there just a little bit longer and soak in the amazing-ness that I have found on Pinterest...because it is fantastic.

I am just in love with the idea of using baby's breath throughout your wedding...they are a totally under-rated flower.

Looking for a cute way to display the menu for your wedding? How sweet are these mini chalkboard menus placed on each table?! Loving them.

These lightbulb vases are just too darling not to share with you...great at a wedding or even at home!

What a funny yet completely practical matter what DON'T CALL THE BRIDE!

A beautiful wedding cake perfect for vintage inspired nuptials.

No! I am not ready to give up Christmas yet!

Have you found any amazing pins on Pinterest lately? 

Until next time, xo.

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