Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving On The Oldies

            Lately, you might have noticed a huge trend not only in fashion but also in weddings…attempting to embrace all things vintage is seemingly everywhere.  Emerging summer styles in stores are tending to be reminiscent of silhouettes from the past, bright patterns of the 60s and 70s are making striking appearances, and weddings are pulling out all of the stops to throw swinging affairs.   There are definitely tutorials out there that will tell you how to mix these ‘new’ styles into awesome ensembles…however how do you love on the oldies without turning to crepe paper and obnoxiously patterned lace doilies for your wedding?  Thankfully, you are reading this blog and here at Cocroft & Delbridge…we can solve your dilemma!
            Here is our comprehensive list of non-tacky vintage ideas for your big day…

o   Take a look at old wedding albums from your family…attempt to look past the poufy sleeves the bridesmaids were forced to wear.  You can find some really great inspiration from these photos.  Take note of the sumptuous fabrics such as the white silk of your great-grandmother’s wedding gown or the stunning lace detailing.  A really great idea is to incorporate these vintage trends in a uniquely modern way…use a delicate lace as your table runner or tulle as a chic birdcage veil.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Tracy Turpen Via Ruffled Blog

o   Do you know those really great old framed pictures that are surely somewhere in your attic?  Use similar frames to showcase your table numbers or to display super cute shots of you both throughout your romance.

Via Wedding Paper Divas Blog

o   Did your great-aunt ever collect wildflowers from outdoors only to place them in random vases in the kitchen?  Begin to scour antique shops for mason jars, old bottles, ornate vases, or fun pails and arrange them on tables at your reception.  Use blooms that coordinate but don’t necessarily match for an attractive eclectic look!

Krista Carlson Via The Knot

o   Find a venue for engagement or wedding photos that can showcase a really neat vintage detail in the background.  My fiancé and I located a great abandoned train station for our engagement shoot and (if I do say so myself) the pictures were incredible.  Ask your photographer to utilize a sepia filter…the effect is so charming and wonderful.

Rejoice Designs & Photography

o   Talk to an older relative…ask them about their wedding day.  I am certain that you will be amazed at what you hear.  Try to morph some detail that they share with you into a modern wedding day must!

o   Take fashion cues from the past.  Did you think that birdcage veils were something new to bridal attire…these chic headpieces were worn by brides long ago!  This is a less subtle but certainly fabulous nod to vintage attire.

Stephanie Williams Photography

This obviously is not a complete list of every single vintage inspired idea for your wedding day but hopefully they are enough to get you started planning your historic event.  Until next time...happy planning! J

Monday, May 23, 2011

In All Of The Little Details

            Have you ever planned a wedding…either your own or assisted as a bridesmaid?  If so, you know that the process is a combination of pure bliss and utter panic.  While attempting to finalize plans with my fiancé this weekend…I looked around the kitchen counter and realized that we were swimming in a sea of papers…chock full of details that needed completing.  Whether or not we wanted an informal or formal cake cutting, do guests enjoy jazz or live piano music during cocktail hour, would platinum or shadow grey linens make the centerpieces “pop” on the tables?  Now, I don’t know about you, but I am an incredibly organized person…yet all of these decisions made the room begin to spin!  Let me tell you, bridal beauty is apparently in all the little details.
            This blog isn’t meant to merely vent about the craziness of planning a wedding but to give you advice on how to not pull out your hair prior to the big day! J
o   Organize, organize, organize!  As a bride, you are given what seems like a trillion brochures and papers.  The best way to deal with this helpful bombarding is to purchase an accordion style folder…create sections such as “photographers”, “venues”, and “bridal accessories”.  That way when you need something, voila, you know right where it is!   
o   Take a deep breath.  I can promise you that over the course of the wedding planning process you will become stressed at least once.  Honestly…would you rather be stressed over house cleaning or the wildly important decision of peonies vs. ranunculus?
o    Take a break with your fiancé.  This is an incredible time with the ‘love of your life’…you are planning a future together.  However, sometimes you need a wedding-cleanse.  Have one day a week that is deemed “No Wedding Day”…agree that your impending nuptials will not be discussed.  Focus on the things that you loved to chat about before getting engaged!   
o   Call Cocroft & Delbridge as soon as possible!  We can help you with all of your bridal accessory needs and totally eliminate the stress in this department…why opt for any more craziness?!  
o   Gather inspiration.  Unless you want to create your very own vision/environment for your big day, take advantage of the many resources at your disposal. Scour wedding blogs, dive into bridal magazines, chat with fellow brides for inspiration regarding the details that you will ultimately have to decide on.  You aren’t alone in the orchestration of the ‘perfect day’!  
o   Take it all in.  Chances are that after the wedding day has come and gone, you will miss this period of your life.  Lets face it…the people who love you most in the world are making such a fuss over you…it is kind of great. J  

Go from Bridezilla to Relaxed Bride After Following Our Helpful Tips to Sanity! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cherry On Top

            Happy Wednesday! I hope that everyone is enjoying the wonderful May weather…if you are on the East Coast…I know, I am sick of the rain too. J So lately I have been attempting to alternate between two topics…weddings and fashion. You may ask, “Well, why is that?” Let me tell you!
Cocroft & Delbridge is a company dedicated to those two very subjects…infusing fashion into one of the most important days of your life and injecting chicness into every single day (you don’t have to be a bride to look fabulous).  We here at C&D want to address topics for every single one of our customers…bride or not! Now, without further ado…today’s topic!
Have you noticed how the perfect headpiece can totally transform a bride’s ‘look’? A simple yet stunning wedding gown can become a bold fashion statement when paired with a whimsical fascinator. After scouring The Knot for our favorite headpieces, we have created a compilation of accessories perfect for every bride. Be sure to let us know what you think!

A Bold Pop Of Color

Scarlett Lillian Photography Via The Knot

This bright take on the birdcage veil is perfect for the bride who wants to make an entrance! The bright fuchsia flower with stunning center detail is anchored by simple netting and neutral brown speckled feathers…making this headpiece both classic and fashion-forward.

“The Brit”

Robert London Photography Via The Knot

Do you feel like channeling your inner British fashionista?! With jaw-dropping height and architectural swirls, this wonderfully whimsical fascinator is certainly not for the faint of heart but if you are a daring bride…you are welcome. J

In Full Bloom

Ashley Garmon Photography Via The Knot

Want to have a more couture look for your wedding day but are having fairly traditional nuptials…look no further. Try incorporating an over-sized bloom into your hairstyle! It is simple yet somewhat daring.

Pure Tradition

Cameron Clark Photography Via The Knot

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to push the envelope on your big day! Just look at how stunning this bride looks while wearing a simple lace-edged veil. Pure tradition…or pure perfection?

Just A Little Something

Luke Walker Photography Via The Knot

I totally get it! It is so hard for a girl not to accessorize. If you want just a little burst of color or a teeny bit of texture in your hair, try placing a few small flowers into your style. Shameless plug…guess what is perfect for achieving this look?! Obviously, Cocroft & Delbridge customizable flowers! J

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Girl, I Love Your Necklace!"

            Hi everyone! Are you loving the awesome weather outside?! It just reeks of summer…which is so super exciting! One of my very favorite trends for the season are wonderfully sumptuous statement jewelry. Lately, designers have been churning out juicy colored, bold pieces that make any outfit pop! Necklaces, cuffs, and earrings…oh my!
            The trick to wearing these striking accessories is pairing them with the appropriate garments and making certain that you don’t look like you are part of an 80s tribute band…unless that is the look you are going for…in which case ROCK ON! One of the best ways to wear this brilliant jewelry is to create an outfit chock full of simple patterns and classic silhouettes…this is also the perfect time to pull your neutral Cocroft & Delbridge tote out of hiding!
            A great casual ensemble that I have witnessed several fashionistas wearing over the past month or so is just too incredibly perfect not to share…

A wonderfully simple t-shirt with a flattering neckline in any shade!

Always a great classic…a pair of medium wash boot-cut jeans…trust me, they will look amazing on every body type!

Throw on a pair of super comfy yet cute sandals...after all it is summer!


Your neutral Cocroft & Delbridge tote…I already told you that you needed this! J

Obviously you will need your absolutely chic statement pieces of jewelry…try a necklace paired with a great enamel cuff!


Sheer Summer Perfection...Now Grab a Glass of Lemonade and Enjoy How Fabulous You Look. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Just too 'Matchy, Matchy'...

          Hi readers!  Sorry that it has been SO long since I last posted…if you don’t know the awesome news…Cocroft & Delbridge just launched a new and improved site!  You obviously have to hurry and check it out…here is the link...

          I have been so incredibly busy working on the ‘wonderfulness’ with our phenomenal C&D team that I barely had time to think!  Have no fear though…I promise that I will attempt to fix any possible separation anxiety with this post! J
          Have you been to any retail stores lately, have you been scouring the pages of Glamour or Vogue, have you been checking out the latest trends?  If you have, then you are totally aware that mixing patterns, textures, and colors are all the rage!  At one point in time…matching everything from your blouse to sparkly eye shadow was the only road to utter chicness.  Thankfully…the fashion “gods”…aka designers…have broken these silly and mundane rules.
          With the thermometer rising and summer vacations slowly beginning layering your garments is as important as ever…but do you have to stick strictly to all cotton?  Absolutely not!  Here is our chic suggestion for your warm weather quandary!
          Think of taking a wonderful, billowing chiffon blouse and pairing it with a loosely knit cotton cardigan…for the bottom, try wearing a pair of loose boyfriend denim trousers.
          You might be crying out right now…but what about accessories?!  Don’t worry…this is C&D…we are definitely accessory experts.  In the warm summer months try taking a bold pattern silk scarf and arranging it loosely around your neck...counteract this statement with a simple pendant necklace!  For your hair, tuck some Cocroft & Delbridge flowers throughout your ‘do in coordinating shades.
          Voila! A perfect summer outfit that is definitely not too ‘matchy, matchy”!  What are some of your mixed texture/color/pattern outfit ideas?!  Send us your pictures because we would love to post them!

Here are an awesome pair of shorts that will let you cool off in the summer heat…but a darling chunky cardigan to keep you warm on that cool evening date! 

Don’t worry…you can still pull off the layered look even at work! Take this professional outfit and pair it with some cute flats for the office…be sure to grab a pair of heels from home to wear the look out at night! 

Having a super fun dinner barbeque on the beach this summer? You can rock this casual look while enjoying yourself…the outfit will even look amazing during s’mores two and three!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cocoa Couture...Better Than Chocolate

            Are you a bride in the Philadelphia or Central Pennsylvania area…are you looking for a stunning designer gown for your day…are you searching for wonderful, caring service?! Look no further! In the heart of Hershey, PA lies an incredible bridal salon; Cocoa Couture.
            The shop carries absolutely everything for your wedding...
o   Bridal Gowns
o   Bridesmaid Dresses
o   Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Dresses
o   Flower Girl Dresses
o   Shaping Garments
o   Tuxedos
o   Jewelry
o   Accessories
o   Hair Pins, Flower Girl Baskets, Ring Bearer Pillows, Clutches...Check out the Cocroft & Delbridge merchandise that they carry!
Not ready to tie the knot? Don’t worry; they have the perfect gowns for prom and awesome special occasion dresses!

Trust us…from the moment you step into the store you will fall in love with both the merchandise and employees. So stop scouring Philadelphia/Central PA for the perfect bridal salon and dash right over to Cocoa Couture!

P.S.- If you want to try on any of their incredible wedding gowns be sure to call to schedule an appointment…after all they are in high demand! J
P.P.S.- Check out their web-site!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Racy? No Lacey!

            For those of you living underneath a fairly large rock allow me to give you the 411…Kate Middleton now Princess Catherine charmed the world wearing a stunning wedding gown adorned with intricate lace while tying the knot with her Prince Charming.  Now let me just say that I adored every single inch of her attire and felt that she was the epitome of a modern princess! As you can guess, lace and lace sleeves will truly be covering the runways and new bridal fashions. If looking like royalty isn’t the goal for your wedding…never fear…lace can be manipulated to ‘fit’ countless styles!
            Let’s take a look…

Via Monique Lhuillier
            This more covered lace look by Monique Lhuillier is not for the “style conservative” bride! With a high-neck lace cape, a sleek silhouette, and bold lace…this is an incredibly fashion forward gown.

Via Monique Lhuillier
            Looking for something that isn’t completely covered in lace and possibly a bit more seductive…well here is your gown! A Monique Lhuillier stunner from the Fall 2011 collection is a much more modern choice.

Via Ulla-Malja
            Are you a bride who rejects the traditional silhouette and who wants a gown that will make your guest stand in awe?! Well ladies, here it is…a dress from Ulla-Malja. This wonderful garment features unique lace and a totally unique neckline…perfect for your non-traditional day!


            Last but certainly not least…Princess Catherine in her “Grace Kelly like” wedding gown. Doesn’t she just look so stunning and ecstatic?! 

P.S.- Forgive me for jumping on the Royal Wedding band wagon...I just couldn't resist...I am sure you know what that feels like! Until next time! J