Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Days and Couture Toddlers

            Well now obviously I am pretty biased…but today is a very important day.  This random Thursday marks 100 days until the Wynn-Jenks wedding…aka my wedding!  Wahoo!  I truly can’t wait and will be sure to write up an “I Am the Bride…I Guess I Decide” post soon to fill you in on the joys and frustrations of planning a day of wedded bliss.

            I suppose that is enough pre-wedding excitement for one post…now onto today’s topic…dressing the little ones in your bridal party!  I am not sure if you have ever had the chance to look at flower girl dresses…but whoa…they can be expensive!  Where do you stand on spending hundreds of dollars on a dress that will surely feature ketchup and hot fudge stains by the end of the night?  I am so torn because they are just so dang cute!  Here are some absolutely darling but pricey options for the ‘angel’ tossing flowers down the aisle for you!

Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri



Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri 

            The girls in your party don’t get to have all of the fun…there are quite dapper options your the ring bearer(s)…take a look! 

Photographer Frank Amodo
Gerber & Scarpelli Photography via The Knot

Urban Grey Photography 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Reality Check and Some Swan Lake

            Happy Tuesday readers…it may be gloomy outside but the mood is bright here in the Cocroft & Delbridge studio.  The team was able to complete a successful “Bridal Boot Camp” workout earlier this morning…wahoo!  Now, I am normally a pretty realistic person but while scrolling through the exercise programs…for some unknown reason…I figured that the ‘professional’ level really couldn’t be that difficult.  Let me just say that I survived ten of the thirty minute workout but not without oodles of sweat, some mild cursing, and the brief contemplation of throwing the remote through the T.V. screen…the trainer was just so wildly annoying.  What did I learn from this?  Ladies and gentleman…I am loving the ‘beginner’ level and am in no stinkin’ way a personal trainer.  Don’t worry about me though…I have come to terms with my extremely minimal athletic ability.
            Ok…enough of that…now that I am sufficiently embarrassed onto today’s topic of ballet inspired weddings!  Yay!  One of the most glamorous trends in wedding planning is to look to the stage for thematic cues.  What elements will make your guests want to shimmy into a leotard and tie on a pair of pointe shoes?  Take a look at our list below…

o   Tastefully Feathered Headpieces
o   Now I am not recommending that you take a hot glue gun and some craft store feathers to a headband…but to subtly add some plumage to your wedding day headpiece.  I have seen some stunning hair clips that are a combination of handmade flowers, gems, and smaller plumes.  Can’t envision this look…have no fear…I included an awesome image just for you.  Also…Cocroft & Delbridge can totally help you with creating the perfect headpiece …so shoot us an e-mail…yes that was a shameless plug.

Photographer Grey Zisser via The Knot

o   Soft, Gauzy Textures
o   So think of the wonderfully full tutus that prima ballerinas rock while floating across the stage…channel that vision when selecting your wedding gown.  Try to stay away from heavy fabrics like taffeta and satin…rely on lighter fabrics such as tulle and chiffon.

Anne Barge Gown via The Bride's Diary

o   ‘Shredded’ Fabrics
o   Please, please do not take scissors to your gown!  When I say ‘shredded’ fabrics...I am talking about looking for a gown with layers throughout the bottom.  Here…let me show you an example…

Jim Hjelm Gown via Martha Stewart Wedding

o   Glimmering, Shimmering Lights
o   Seriously, what is dreamier than being surrounded by flickering candlelight and seemingly tiny white stars?  Most ballets have a serious love story woven in…so take a cue from the professionals and pour in as much romance into the day as possible…without making your guests gag of course!

Photographer Dave Robbins via Snippet & Ink

Photographer Dave Robbins via Snippet & Ink

o   A Soft, Romantic Color Palette
o   Try to stay away from bright colors that could take away from the theme…look to shades like petal pink, ivory, lilac, and buttercup.  Your goal is to search for muted tones! 

D. Jones Photography via The Knot

Monday, June 27, 2011

Paging My Inner Richard Simmons...

            “One and two! Two and three! Three…and Come On…You Can DO IT!”  Those would be the encouraging words of the crazy motivational trainer Richard Simmons…yes, the one with the afro!  Clad in ridiculously tiny, printed nylon shorts and a shrunken tank top, he has led countless people to pure physical perfection.  If you have never seen one of his workout sessions in progress…please do me a favor and head on over to YouTube to watch a workout immediately.  I can promise you that you will laugh for at least a solid ten minutes.
            Now you might be wondering why I am telling you about this over-the-top trainer…I have a reason I swear!  Today marks the beginning of Bridal Boot Camp for the Cocroft & Delbridge team.  Over the next thirteen weeks we will be attempting our very own Richard Simmons-like exercise program…after all, you want to look your very best at a wedding!  As the bride, I have obviously had moments where I have an ice cream sundae sitting in front of me contemplating whether this treat will push me over the edge into ‘I am so not going to fit into my wedding gown’ territory!  In order to avoid any further dilemmas/acid reflux problems…the C&D team has committed to working out at least three days a week for the period of one hour!  This may not sound like much but with a wedding in a little over three months and running a company…three days a week is quite the task.  Don’t worry though…we are determined!  We even made a cheesy chart, complete with encouraging stickers! 
            So over the next few months, I will be sure to keep you updated on our progress and what will most definitely be success!  Until next time…go watch a Simmons video…you won’t regret it. 

The fitness guru himself...Via TMZ

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheesing It Up...

            Hi everyone!  Happy Friday…I hope that you all are as excited as I am for some quality relaxation time.  What I want to do today is feature some pictures from an incredible photographer, John Barone.  He will be shooting my wedding and I can’t even tell you how excited I am for him to work his magic.  Some of my very favorite blogs post phenomenal photos to tide readers over until the next week…and that is just what I intend to do…so enjoy and let me know your thoughts!  Until next time! 

Photographer: John Barone

Photographer: John Barone

Photographer: John Barone

Photographer: John Barone

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Buy One or Two?! Hmm...

            Hi everyone…I hope that you are able to avoid the awful humidity of the outdoors today…it is truly disgusting out there!  Anyway, today’s topic is one that I am really, super torn on…the purchasing of multiple bridal gowns for your big day.  As many of you know, one of the hottest trends in the world of weddings is to wear a more traditional gown for the ceremony and then switching to a more shocking number for the reception/after-party.  Is this simply a frivolous trend or is it a super glamorous option?
            For those women (like myself) that were able to find the wedding gown of their dreams…I just can’t see why you would ever want to put something else on!  If you have located the dress that you have been dreaming about for years…honestly…buying two ensembles is just silly.  Take the money that you would have spent at the bridal salon and allocate it to another place in your wedding budget!  
I do know, however, that some bride’s just can’t decide on something that ‘takes their breath away’.  In which case I can definitely understand splitting your wedding gown budget between two dresses that you love.  When selecting the two looks, make certain that the dresses are cohesive…it is important that they aren’t two completely different styles (i.e. a classic ball gown to a gothic mini-dress).  While you want to impress your guests…you really don’t want them to think that saying your vows made you loose mind!  Be sure to look at the pairings below this post to get yourself started on the path to having two fabulous looks.
Until next time! Oh…and remember to stay out of that heat! 

Simply Lacey...these two gowns work so well together because they both have gorgeous lace detailing.  Opt for a figure flattering slim silhouette to display your elegant side for the ceremony...then switch to a fun, flirty dress for the party! 

White by Vera Wang for David's Bridal

Bliss by Monique Lhuillier
Boho Chic...both of these dresses feature sumptuous, flowing layers...displayed in a much more exaggerated manner on the A-line gown. Slip into the second number so that you can be sassy and ready to dance the night away post-ceremony. 

In Blossom by Ivy & Aster

Love Spell by Ivy & Aster

Haute Couture...can you say utter glamour? Both dresses exude designer the wonderful one-shoulder detailing on the full length gown while the second image features striking folds to flatter your natural shape without hindering your ability to celebrate! 

Melissa Sweet 

Melissa Sweet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Fabulously Roaring Twenties

            Ok…let’s be real…who doesn’t love the sheer opulence of the 1920s?! After the horror of World War I, society ultimately thrived on extravagance to celebrate their immense victory.  In a time of Prohibition...secrecy, excess, and glamour were key to living the ‘good life’.  Thanks to a period of time clouded in such mystery, we now have incredible inspiration for the perfectly alluring and sumptuous wedding.
            Let’s go over the wonderfully seductive details needed to create a roaring 1920s themed bash!

o   Flapper Inspired Wedding Gowns        
o   Look for something with a column-like silhouette…preferably in a flowing satin.  Be sure to accentuate your waistline…this will aid in creating a great, straight fit.  If the dress has heavy beading, you have hit the jackpot!

A great Claire Pettibone wedding gown.

A Decades Lace Collection wedding gown.

o   A Color Palette Filled with Dusty Hues
o   Picture a smoke filled room, lighted solely by candles in delicate votives, surrounded by women in stunning soft gowns and men in tailored suiting.  What colors come to mind?  For me, I have shades of dusty rose and lilac, soft yellow, hazy grey…how romantic!

o   Dapper Attire for the Men of the Day
o   Ok…this one is easy.  Can you say tailored suiting and wing tip shoes?!


An awesome, tailored Calvin Klein suit. 

o   Some Classy Jazz
o   Don’t be afraid to take the theme to the next level by playing tunes popular from the period.  If you are feeling daring, seek out an awesome local jazz band to entertain your guests all night long at the reception.

o   Lace Details
o   I like to think that one of the most romantic fabrics out there is a nicely detailed lace.  If you don’t agree, try incorporating this textile in a more subtle way…purchase table runners in a less expensive lace that you can use as a background for your incredible table décor.

o   Art Deco Jewelry
o   Striking designs, opulent jewels, and rich colors are some of the greatest characteristics of 1920s accessories.  Begin to scour any vintage stores in your town; you might be able to find some incredible choices.  If you don’t have a store like this nearby…it is ok…that is what the Internet is for!  Check out websites that will take you right back to the days of the flapper.



I hope that these suggestions have helped to inspire you…if you are planning on a 1920s soiree for your wedding…please send us images!  We would love to see them!
P.S.- If you need any heavily beaded, 1920s theme accessories…we can obviously help you out with that!  Just shoot us an e-mail! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Informative Bits

            Hi everyone! I hope that you have been enjoying the week so far…we are almost to the weekend…hurray! So, today I wanted to let you all in on some exciting bits of news and changes happening here at Cocroft & Delbridge.

o   This summer, my little sister, Ashley will be joining our team!  She is incredibly creative and we are so thrilled to see how she will contribute.

o   We have been working on some wonderfully exciting new designs and can’t wait to release them! Be on the lookout for those in the next few weeks!

o   Recently, we were asked to create a display of our merchandise in the Perfectly Pennsylvania Shop at the Harrisburg International Airport. If you are traveling through…be certain to stop in to see our awesome products!

o   If you have been curious as to where you can view our “You’re the Bride. You Decide” Collection, wonder no further! Two of the finest bridal salons in Central Pennsylvania have been working with us to bring our customizable products right to you. Call them today to make an appointment!
o   Cocoa Couture located in Hershey, PA
o   Tara’s Bridal & Special Occasion located in Camp Hill, PA   

As you can see, Cocroft & Delbridge has been making some awesome moves lately…be sure not to miss out! Until next time.  

My awesomely chic sister! 

These are some of the fabulous items that you can find at Perfectly Pennsylvania! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All of the Bright...Colors...Part Two

            I can just hear the shouts from many of you for my “bright” suggestions included in yesterday’s post, “But I am not getting married…how can I be chic and wear punchy hues on a normal day?!” Don’t worry readers…I would never leave you in the dark! Today, lets focus on how to bring shocking colors into your everyday summer wardrobe.
            Now, there is always the more obvious choice of simply going and purchasing a highlighter yellow blouse to don on happy summer days; but what if you are searching for a more subtle approach to this trend? One of my very favorite ways to incorporate these shades into everyday ensembles is to upgrade your accessories. Take the newest silhouettes of handbags (i.e. simplistic envelope styles) and search for the perfect color! Can’t find EXACTLY what you are looking for? Luckily, you are reading the Cocroft & Delbridge blog…and we just so happen to specialize in customized handbags! Feel free to shoot us an e-mail ( or give us a call (717-566-1939)…we can’t wait to make the perfect accessory for you!
            Need some inspiration? Here are a few phenomenal examples to start you on your path to utter chicness

Comme des Garçons via Harpers Bazaar 

Jimmy Choo via Harpers Bazaar 

Celine Via Harpers Bazaar 

Longchamp Via Harpers Bazaar

Reed Krakoff via Harpers Bazaar 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All of the Bright...Colors

            Thank goodness…we have almost made it to the wonderfully, incredible season that is summer! I just love sitting in the shade with a large glass of lemonade in one hand and an awesome fashion/bridal magazine in the other. There is just something so relaxing about the bright, shining sun that people seem to be intoxicated with happiness.
            One of my favorite ways to infuse the season into June, July, or August weddings is to have a punchy color palette. What hues are considered punchy? Well, anything that makes you go, “Whoa, that is bright!” For those of you that have a tough time envisioning incredible combinations…here is a list just for you…
o  Coral + Wild Berry Purple
o  Lemon + Tangerine
o  Fuchsia + Sapphire
o  Lime Green + Pewter
o  Creamsicle + Turquoise  

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Featured Article & A Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone! Guess what?! About two weeks ago the C & D team had a blast shooting a brand new series of photos with the incredible photographer, Sarah Christ. She owns Rejoice Photography and Designs…and we totally think that you should check her out! She does such an awesome job and was phenomenal to work with. At the bottom of this post, you can see some of the shots she took! What do you guys think?
Ok…so this week is going to be totally insane for Cocroft & Delbridge! My little sister, Ashley is graduating from high school tomorrow…yay! The next few days will be jam packed with events, family, friends, parties, and some happy tears. Since the team will be off celebrating like crazy, I am going to have to take a brief hiatus from blogging…but don’t worry…I will be certain to fill you all in next week and to share some more exciting C&D news! Until then…enjoy these awesome pictures!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide?! Part Three

          I am sure that everyone has heard the saying; “opposites attract”…for Erik and I…nothing could be truer.  If you have been following this blog, you know that I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world…but we certainly were not cut from the same cloth.  My fiancé and I have different and sometimes contrasting styles but we want to throw the party of OUR dreams to celebrate our marriage.  The question is how do we combine both of our personalities to create one ideal wedding?
            First, lets see what makes us different from one another…
o   Style: The relaxed, surfer, “beachy” look…he did grow up at Rehoboth Beach after all
o   Daily Uniform: Some sort of bold or colorful t-shirt, slightly loose trousers, tan flip-flops, and sunglasses when necessary
o   Hair Style: Curly and fresh out of the shower
o   Likes & Loves: 
o   Simplicity
o   Spontaneity
o   Working Out
o   The Ocean
o   Nature
o   Sports
o   Martial Arts
o   Relaxation
o   Style: Generally classic with the occasional bohemian or vintage pieces mixed in
o   Daily Uniform: A simple blouse, tailored jeans, ballet flats, a cardigan, and minimal jewelry
o   Hair Style: Perfectly placed curls both faux and natural…either gathered up or left down
o   Likes & Loves
o   Structure
o   Romance
o   Glamour
o   History
o   Fashion
o   Planning
o   Reading
o   The Fall
           As you can see, a lot of our “likes & loves” are polar opposites of the others’…for example…I adore having a plan while Erik enjoys not knowing what is coming next.  I am sure that you can guess that I have been coordinating most of the wedding details! J While our differences could have made the engagement period awful, we opted to take elements from our personalities in order to fabricate what will hopefully be one of the most epic weddings ever.  Here are the components that we selected…
o   Nature & The Fall
o   We decided that a fall wedding would be absolutely perfect for us since this time of year is simply stunning outdoors…what a great natural palette to work with! In case you haven’t read the previous blogs, the theme for our wedding is a vintage English garden in the Autumn.   

o   Structure & Relaxation
o   What is going on behind the scenes while planning a wedding is just as important as the big day! If I am becoming overwhelmed with the details and structure of the event, Erik encourages me to take time to relax. Make sure that you have this stability during such a crazy time of life!   

o   Simplicity & Glamour
o   I certainly don’t want anyone walking into our reception thinking, “Gosh, this is the most gaudy place I have ever seen!” Erik and I worked together to create an ambiance that was an incredible balance of minimalism and chicness!

          I like to think that we have this whole wedding process totally wired…but I am sure that insanity will ensue the closer we get to the date! Don’t worry…I will absolutely keep you updated! Until next time!