Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide?! Part II

          For those of you following the Cocroft & Delbridge blog, you are already familiar with the ‘I Am the Bride…I Guess I Decide?!’ series; if you are new to the site, don’t worry we can definitely catch you up!  Here is the deal…one of C&D’s very own (Courtney) is currently in the midst of planning the wedding of her dreams and you, the reader, have a first row seat to the saga that comes with being the “star of the show”.  So sit back and relax while I attempt to be the bride and decide…without further ado…here is installment part two!
        Hi everyone!  I hope that you have been doing well since we last chatted…I know that I have been super busy both working and planning.  On Monday, I blogged about infusing both your ceremony and reception with elements from your wedding day’s season…today I am going to fill you in on how Erik and I will be doing just that!
o   Our Big Day: October
o   Season: Smack Dab in the Middle of Fall
o   Elements We Are Utilizing:
o   The wonderful, stunning hues
§  We are going to be combining the colors of scarlet, orange, and yellow…with a neutral anchor of pewter.  
o   Nature
§  In an attempt to embrace the changes occurring outdoors, we will be using items such as birch vases, large blooms, gourds (shown minimally and tastefully), and very organic shapes.
o   Cuisine
§  Obviously we must include both caramel apples and warm apple cider. J
o   Other
§  I am certain that as our wedding continues to become more finalized we will be adding other aspects of this wonderful time of year!
o   Elements We Aren’t Utilizing:
o   Jack-o’-lanterns
o   Monsters
o   Slime
o   Fake Blood
o   Eyeballs or other Severed Appendages
o   Cauldrons 
o   Mist
o   Candy Corn (even though they are delicious)

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Via Dean & Deluca

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Showers...

            Hooray!  Today is finally a sunny, warm, spring day…I am so thankful that the skies are clear and happy! J Lately we have been totally bombarded by April showers and I am certainly hoping that all the rain will positively affect the May flowers.
            One of the most whimsical ways to infuse some style into your wedding is by whole-heartedly embracing the season that your ‘big day’ falls in.  Now I am not talking about candy jars with faux-hands sticking out of them for the fall (unless you are aiming for a frightening Halloween bash) but gathering inspiration from the gorgeous golden tones streaming through the autumn trees…looking at the early blooms of the spring to decide your color palette!
I absolutely adore the months of May and June because there are such wonderful changes occurring outside…bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming!  Beside the yellow tones of pollen swirling in the air, there are such incredibly lush colors surrounding you…like bright magentas, mixtures of greens, and the pure blue of the sky.  Take some of your favorite shades from outdoors and blend them into your celebration. 
Want to pull more from your chosen season…how about selecting a wonderful bloom such as the cherry blossom and creating a vivid floral inspired reception?!  Be certain to look below at what we have come up with!  What are some of your ideas for spring weddings…please feel free to share with us! Oh and get outside to enjoy the scenery while there is a break in the rain! J

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide!

            “You’re the Bride. You Decide. Your Wedding. Your Style.”  As you all know, the previously mentioned statement is the definite mantra of Cocroft & Delbridge.  The company prides itself on its ability to aide brides in creating the ultimate vision for their wedding…but what happens when one of C&D’s own gets married?!  Over the next few months you will be treated to a front row seat of the ups and downs of a bride who has spent much of her life surrounded by all-things-wedding!
            I suppose that I should introduce myself, my name is Courtney and I work full-time for Cocroft & Delbridge.  I absolutely adore my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  One of my favorite things to do is to help brides translate the image they see for their wedding into reality…but for my own wedding…well that is a whole different ball game!  Since I have been working with weddings for quite some time, I tend to love pretty much everything…modern, vintage, funky, traditional.  I think that it is all so great. 
Narrowing down a theme for my own wedding proved to be quite a challenge (especially with a fiancé who operates on the theory of, “Whatever you want darling!”).  After a ton of thought and advice, I have created a list of tips for every bride attempting to make that important first decision…the wedding theme.
o   Tip #1 - Close your eyes…can you envision how you want things to look on your ‘big day’?  If not, don’t panic!  There are so many resources to help you out!
o   Tip #2 - Start to scour the Internet for images of weddings…look at blogs, websites, whatever you can find.  Save the pictures of what you love and before you know it you can compare everything you have pulled.  Are there any trends?
o   Tip #3 - Listen to your gut…I bet that the first impression you have regarding other weddings is a clue to what you truly like.
o   Tip #4 - Write down a list of elements you like as a couple such as decades, movies, colors, activities.  Pull aspects of what defines both you and your fiancé to create the perfect day!
P.S. - Erik and I decided that our ideal wedding would look like a very natural, elegant, English garden in the fall.  I promise to keep you all updated on our beautiful nuptial progress. J

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday Night Fever!

            Are you feeling the groove?!  A mysterious fever has seemingly taken over the fashion industry in the form of polyester, floral accents, disco trends, and wide-leg trousers.  Can you guess what this sweeping epidemic is?  That is right, the 1970s are back with a vengeance!
            Hearing the high praises of women all over the world, fashion designers are recognizing that wide-leg trousers can be incredibly flattering for all body shapes and many occasions.  This simple silhouette is able to visually lengthen even the shortest of legs, add a hip feel to the most simplistic outfits, and amaze anyone you should happen to come across with their tailored aura.  Hooray, a pair of pants that can be extremely comfortable and will transition seamlessly from day to night.  Personally, I think their resurrection is simply wonderful!  So this blog is dedicated to the intelligent creators of this relaxed yet chic look!
            Pants can only take a fashionista so far (no matter their greatness) accessorizing is truly what makes an outfit original.  How can you swiftly throw together visually interesting pieces to finish your look?  One of the quickest fixes is to grab your Cocroft & Delbridge clutch to draw attention to your long, well-dressed legs!  When you get compliments from everyone you see, don’t be surprised…you are welcome. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let Them Eat...Fruitcake?!

            Royal napkins, royal mugs, royal faux engagement rings, royal life-size cardboard cutouts…oh my!  The frenzy surrounding the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate (Katherine) Middleton has descended upon us.  Speculation regarding hairstyle, make-up, the potential wedding gown, members of the bridal party, the guest list, and even reception food has seemingly popped up in every possible media outlet.  Perhaps the most odd bit of reported information is that the wedding cake chosen for the celebration will be a traditional FRUITCAKE!  A dessert that could be used as a doorstop, a gift that receives annoyed sighs, something that could nearly be considered a family heirloom!
            In an attempt to save the royal reception from being overshadowed by a terrifying cake selection, we here at Cocroft & Delbridge have decided to give our opinion on great colors for the day. 
o   Grass Green – A lovely light yet bright shade that will bring a smile to each guest’s anticipating face!  It can also aid in representing Ireland, one of the United Kingdom’s stunning territories.
o   Sky Blue – In a cool contrast to grass green, this shade will bring a calming tone to the reception décor and would look great with Kate Middleton’s complexion.
o   Daffodil Yellow – This sunny hue will go a long way in illuminating what will likely be a cavernous ballroom!
o   Diamond White – A pure tone that will certainly highlight the décor in a chic yet classic manner. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Attempting to Color by Number

             All over the world, children simply adore color by number worksheets…who would have ever thought that this simple little activity would have a direct influence on major runways?!  Designers are now getting in on the fun and mixing bold, striking blocks of color into their collections.
            Here at Cocroft & Delbridge we love combining neutral tones with bright shades to make a unique personal statement.  Not wanting to be ‘behind the curve’ of fashion, we have been experimenting with mingling rich jewel tones and other sunny hues!  What are some color combinations that you would want to see from us?  Are you thinking of any funky pairs for your wedding colors?!  Here is a short list of mixes we thought of…let us know what you think!
o   Sapphire + Raspberry + Pewter Grey
o   Lime Green + Aqua + Tan
o   Royal Purple + Yellow + Diamond White  
o   Tangerine + Coral + Onyx

P.S. – Here are some runway looks that we are loving right now! Who are you using as your muse?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"You're the Bride. You Decide. Your Wedding. Your Style"

Hello from Cocroft & Delbridge; an innovative new company dedicated to the creation of custom accessories fabricated with the upmost quality in mind!

We are so excited to welcome you to our website and hope that you enjoy browsing our unique array of products.

 Our assortment of items includes…
o   Clutches for Both the Bride and Bridal Party
o   Flower Girl Baskets
o   Ring Bearer Pillows
o   Fashion Sashes
o   Floral Accents for Brooches, Hair Accessories, and Handbag Accents

Through the Cocroft & Delbridge “You’re Wedding. Your Style.” Program, brides are able to transform their bridal vision into reality…from concept to tangible accessory.  Every aspect of our product is customizable including the fabric, the color, the style, the design, and the detail.  Allow us to have a hand in making your wedding day beautiful!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or ideas.