Thursday, January 26, 2012

From There to Here - It's in the DNA

As I sit contemplating what to write for my second installment I realize that I have come from a family of “business owners”.  Now I never really thought of my dad or my uncles as business owners...after all it was a dairy farm where we all learned how to work and take on responsibility at a young age.  However, they were business owners as they owned and managed a large dairy farm and a fertilizer sales business, just as their father and their grandfather did before them.  Without even realizing it I learned many lessons during that time in my life.  Multitasking…because anyone that knows anything about a dairy farm it’s this…when it is time for the cows to be milked it did not matter what else you were involved in you had to figure out how to get it done.   Flexibility…you may have planned to work in the fields but if it was raining you had to quickly readjust and do some indoor tasks.  Staff management….in this case the staff was my brothers, sister, cousins and me.  Talk about an unruly bunch!  There were many times we didn’t want to do the work or had better things to do but somehow they managed to get us to get the work done and still have time to have some fun.  Looking back there are many fond memories. 
My first foray into my own business adventure was when I saw an advertisement in a magazine.  It was for a “seed kit”.  You order this seed kit and then you sell the seeds at a profit to your unsuspecting neighbors!  Genius!!  However, my mother did not think so…no mom +no money of my own to back my business = on to the next great idea!  The next grand plan also had a magazine and a television advertisement behind it.  If you could draw the turtle or pirate pictured then you could have a career as an artist.  Guess what…my turtle kind of looked like the pirate so that dream ended quickly.  Good thing I have faith and dreams because I never gave up.  But as I said before…it has been quite the journey!

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