Monday, January 23, 2012

How we got from There to Here…Our Story (and the lessons we’ve learned along the way)

Recently I read an article that recommended that we should tell our story.  Not just a brief note on the about us page but our story….who we are, what is our motivation, what makes us tick.  At first I balked, I am not one to talk about myself, I am much more comfortable sitting behind a sewing machine, but then after much thought I decided that maybe it would help others to see our passion for our products and how we arrived here.  As one can see from our "About Us" page, family is important to us.  Our business name comes from Courtney’s (my daughter and partner) maternal and paternal grandmother’s maiden names.  Our family has always been there for us, no matter what.  My family has always been very supportive especially my husband, Chip who still after 25 years continues to support my crazy endeavors without judgment -- now that is a great husband!  My two girls, Courtney, my eldest and my business partner, Ashley who is in college and is our biggest promoter (give her half a chance and you will have our business card in your hand) and my new son-in-law, Erik all share my passion for enteprenuerism.  My niece, Sarah (Rejoice Designs), is always willing to do photo shoots, business cards, website design, etc. and is an incredible talent herself!  My sister, Cindy is always only a phone call away to offer advice and support.  To all of our family we say thank you!  Friends are also very important, my friends are the best!  They are always there providing support and comic relief!  Finally, faith is very important to me.   Faith has gotten me through many moves and ups and downs in my life.  Through this blog we hope to give you a glimpse into our lives, what we’ve learned and how we arrived here.

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