Monday, May 23, 2011

In All Of The Little Details

            Have you ever planned a wedding…either your own or assisted as a bridesmaid?  If so, you know that the process is a combination of pure bliss and utter panic.  While attempting to finalize plans with my fiancé this weekend…I looked around the kitchen counter and realized that we were swimming in a sea of papers…chock full of details that needed completing.  Whether or not we wanted an informal or formal cake cutting, do guests enjoy jazz or live piano music during cocktail hour, would platinum or shadow grey linens make the centerpieces “pop” on the tables?  Now, I don’t know about you, but I am an incredibly organized person…yet all of these decisions made the room begin to spin!  Let me tell you, bridal beauty is apparently in all the little details.
            This blog isn’t meant to merely vent about the craziness of planning a wedding but to give you advice on how to not pull out your hair prior to the big day! J
o   Organize, organize, organize!  As a bride, you are given what seems like a trillion brochures and papers.  The best way to deal with this helpful bombarding is to purchase an accordion style folder…create sections such as “photographers”, “venues”, and “bridal accessories”.  That way when you need something, voila, you know right where it is!   
o   Take a deep breath.  I can promise you that over the course of the wedding planning process you will become stressed at least once.  Honestly…would you rather be stressed over house cleaning or the wildly important decision of peonies vs. ranunculus?
o    Take a break with your fiancé.  This is an incredible time with the ‘love of your life’…you are planning a future together.  However, sometimes you need a wedding-cleanse.  Have one day a week that is deemed “No Wedding Day”…agree that your impending nuptials will not be discussed.  Focus on the things that you loved to chat about before getting engaged!   
o   Call Cocroft & Delbridge as soon as possible!  We can help you with all of your bridal accessory needs and totally eliminate the stress in this department…why opt for any more craziness?!  
o   Gather inspiration.  Unless you want to create your very own vision/environment for your big day, take advantage of the many resources at your disposal. Scour wedding blogs, dive into bridal magazines, chat with fellow brides for inspiration regarding the details that you will ultimately have to decide on.  You aren’t alone in the orchestration of the ‘perfect day’!  
o   Take it all in.  Chances are that after the wedding day has come and gone, you will miss this period of your life.  Lets face it…the people who love you most in the world are making such a fuss over you…it is kind of great. J  

Go from Bridezilla to Relaxed Bride After Following Our Helpful Tips to Sanity! 

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