Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It is Just too 'Matchy, Matchy'...

          Hi readers!  Sorry that it has been SO long since I last posted…if you don’t know the awesome news…Cocroft & Delbridge just launched a new and improved site!  You obviously have to hurry and check it out…here is the link...

          I have been so incredibly busy working on the ‘wonderfulness’ with our phenomenal C&D team that I barely had time to think!  Have no fear though…I promise that I will attempt to fix any possible separation anxiety with this post! J
          Have you been to any retail stores lately, have you been scouring the pages of Glamour or Vogue, have you been checking out the latest trends?  If you have, then you are totally aware that mixing patterns, textures, and colors are all the rage!  At one point in time…matching everything from your blouse to sparkly eye shadow was the only road to utter chicness.  Thankfully…the fashion “gods”…aka designers…have broken these silly and mundane rules.
          With the thermometer rising and summer vacations slowly beginning layering your garments is as important as ever…but do you have to stick strictly to all cotton?  Absolutely not!  Here is our chic suggestion for your warm weather quandary!
          Think of taking a wonderful, billowing chiffon blouse and pairing it with a loosely knit cotton cardigan…for the bottom, try wearing a pair of loose boyfriend denim trousers.
          You might be crying out right now…but what about accessories?!  Don’t worry…this is C&D…we are definitely accessory experts.  In the warm summer months try taking a bold pattern silk scarf and arranging it loosely around your neck...counteract this statement with a simple pendant necklace!  For your hair, tuck some Cocroft & Delbridge flowers throughout your ‘do in coordinating shades.
          Voila! A perfect summer outfit that is definitely not too ‘matchy, matchy”!  What are some of your mixed texture/color/pattern outfit ideas?!  Send us your pictures because we would love to post them!

Here are an awesome pair of shorts that will let you cool off in the summer heat…but a darling chunky cardigan to keep you warm on that cool evening date! 

Don’t worry…you can still pull off the layered look even at work! Take this professional outfit and pair it with some cute flats for the office…be sure to grab a pair of heels from home to wear the look out at night! 

Having a super fun dinner barbeque on the beach this summer? You can rock this casual look while enjoying yourself…the outfit will even look amazing during s’mores two and three!

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