Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving On The Oldies

            Lately, you might have noticed a huge trend not only in fashion but also in weddings…attempting to embrace all things vintage is seemingly everywhere.  Emerging summer styles in stores are tending to be reminiscent of silhouettes from the past, bright patterns of the 60s and 70s are making striking appearances, and weddings are pulling out all of the stops to throw swinging affairs.   There are definitely tutorials out there that will tell you how to mix these ‘new’ styles into awesome ensembles…however how do you love on the oldies without turning to crepe paper and obnoxiously patterned lace doilies for your wedding?  Thankfully, you are reading this blog and here at Cocroft & Delbridge…we can solve your dilemma!
            Here is our comprehensive list of non-tacky vintage ideas for your big day…

o   Take a look at old wedding albums from your family…attempt to look past the poufy sleeves the bridesmaids were forced to wear.  You can find some really great inspiration from these photos.  Take note of the sumptuous fabrics such as the white silk of your great-grandmother’s wedding gown or the stunning lace detailing.  A really great idea is to incorporate these vintage trends in a uniquely modern way…use a delicate lace as your table runner or tulle as a chic birdcage veil.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Tracy Turpen Via Ruffled Blog

o   Do you know those really great old framed pictures that are surely somewhere in your attic?  Use similar frames to showcase your table numbers or to display super cute shots of you both throughout your romance.

Via Wedding Paper Divas Blog

o   Did your great-aunt ever collect wildflowers from outdoors only to place them in random vases in the kitchen?  Begin to scour antique shops for mason jars, old bottles, ornate vases, or fun pails and arrange them on tables at your reception.  Use blooms that coordinate but don’t necessarily match for an attractive eclectic look!

Krista Carlson Via The Knot

o   Find a venue for engagement or wedding photos that can showcase a really neat vintage detail in the background.  My fiancé and I located a great abandoned train station for our engagement shoot and (if I do say so myself) the pictures were incredible.  Ask your photographer to utilize a sepia filter…the effect is so charming and wonderful.

Rejoice Designs & Photography

o   Talk to an older relative…ask them about their wedding day.  I am certain that you will be amazed at what you hear.  Try to morph some detail that they share with you into a modern wedding day must!

o   Take fashion cues from the past.  Did you think that birdcage veils were something new to bridal attire…these chic headpieces were worn by brides long ago!  This is a less subtle but certainly fabulous nod to vintage attire.

Stephanie Williams Photography

This obviously is not a complete list of every single vintage inspired idea for your wedding day but hopefully they are enough to get you started planning your historic event.  Until next time...happy planning! J

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