Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going To The Chapel & A Whole Lot of Lovin'

            Well my dear readers…we are officially 25 days out from the wedding…I. Can’t. Believe. It.  I am truly so excited and have definitely caught myself daydreaming a good 90% of my day about walking down the aisle…which is one of the reasons why I have been such a humungous slacker when it coming to blogging lately.  Well that and I have been working on tons of last minute nuptial details; ugh…it just never seems to end!  Rather than keep you all on the edge of your seats until the wedding, wondering if you will be treating your eyeballs to another post, I will end your sheer anticipation by saying that I will be taking a sabbatical until after my honeymoon.
            I know, I know…this is devastating…so I will attempt to make this one heck of an epic post to tide you over.  Hopefully this compilation of my favorite ‘all things wedding’ taken from past posts will warm your heart and dry your tears.  Until next time loves…I am off to the chapel…xo          

via ArtDecoRings.com

Ugh, I mean...I am biased...but I just adore non-traditional engagement rings...how stunning is this rock?! 

I just adore the divine, soft details of this Claire Pettibone wedding gown...it would just be so perfect for a spring garden wedding!

Dave Robbins via Snippet & Ink

This wedding makes me want to shed tears of joy...I love the sparkling lights.   It must have been so magical to say "I do" here. 

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Who doesn't love a good birch vase?

via Frank Amodo

Why are kids so stinkin' cute...this picture is just too much. 

via John Barone Photography

I just picture these little girls screaming...'Yay...I bet there is cake soon!".   Let me tell you...I scream the exact same thing at weddings. 

via John Barone Photography

Hahahaha. This picture just speaks for itself.

Bridesmaids the Movie

Have you seen this movie (it is Bridesmaids)? If not...stop reading this post immediately...grab your car keys...and drive swiftly to your local RedBox...you might want to also purchase Depends.  Just a warning.

Geneoh Photography via Ruffled

I like to think that this photo actually oozes love...I hope that this is a real couple and not a staged shoot...even if it is...I bet they fell in love taking these shots.

via Mark Adams Photography

Once again...this picture speaks for itself.  Kids at weddings are just so funny. 

via Monique Lhillier

The clean lines of this dress are to die for...I am in passionate love with the sheer sleeves. 

via My Summer of Weddings

One of my favorite wedding details is using non-traditional centerpieces.  The way that cotton is used here is just so utterly fantastic. 

via Nelson Wedding Photography

To wrap up this love fest...we will end with a good ole' Papa shot...how sweet. 
P.S.- I would have included more photos...but the blog cut me off...what can I say...posting pictures is sort of like a gateway drug.

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