Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Home!

Happy Tuesday darlings!

We are back from our wonderful time in Vegas at the Wedding MBA conference and couldn't be more motivated to create products that will make you pass out from amazement.

As promised...here are some of the photos we snapped while in Sin City...

Mom and I happy to be at the Wedding MBA...this is actually from the last day of the conference and we were STILL smiling even though we were so exhausted! 

My puppy, Miss Pepper, I just missed her a whole bunch while I was gone so I felt like I would toss in a photo of her cuteness...

This is Ariel, the author of Offbeat Bride...which is an amazing blog and you should most definitely check it out! 

No lie...there was one day that I had two ventis and a grande to get me through....I am only slightly ashamed.

The Offbeat Bride was giving away temporary tattoos and this was me rocking my new "ink".

Ok...potential highlight...this is mom and I with Renee Strauss and Kevin Lee...umm, he was the inspiration for Martin Short's role in Father of the Bride, I died.
Yay, pictures! Now I am off to begin working on all of the wonderfully mind-blowing things that we have planned for you...you should get excited, very excited!

Until next time, xo.

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