Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide?! Part Three

          I am sure that everyone has heard the saying; “opposites attract”…for Erik and I…nothing could be truer.  If you have been following this blog, you know that I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world…but we certainly were not cut from the same cloth.  My fiancé and I have different and sometimes contrasting styles but we want to throw the party of OUR dreams to celebrate our marriage.  The question is how do we combine both of our personalities to create one ideal wedding?
            First, lets see what makes us different from one another…
o   Style: The relaxed, surfer, “beachy” look…he did grow up at Rehoboth Beach after all
o   Daily Uniform: Some sort of bold or colorful t-shirt, slightly loose trousers, tan flip-flops, and sunglasses when necessary
o   Hair Style: Curly and fresh out of the shower
o   Likes & Loves: 
o   Simplicity
o   Spontaneity
o   Working Out
o   The Ocean
o   Nature
o   Sports
o   Martial Arts
o   Relaxation
o   Style: Generally classic with the occasional bohemian or vintage pieces mixed in
o   Daily Uniform: A simple blouse, tailored jeans, ballet flats, a cardigan, and minimal jewelry
o   Hair Style: Perfectly placed curls both faux and natural…either gathered up or left down
o   Likes & Loves
o   Structure
o   Romance
o   Glamour
o   History
o   Fashion
o   Planning
o   Reading
o   The Fall
           As you can see, a lot of our “likes & loves” are polar opposites of the others’…for example…I adore having a plan while Erik enjoys not knowing what is coming next.  I am sure that you can guess that I have been coordinating most of the wedding details! J While our differences could have made the engagement period awful, we opted to take elements from our personalities in order to fabricate what will hopefully be one of the most epic weddings ever.  Here are the components that we selected…
o   Nature & The Fall
o   We decided that a fall wedding would be absolutely perfect for us since this time of year is simply stunning outdoors…what a great natural palette to work with! In case you haven’t read the previous blogs, the theme for our wedding is a vintage English garden in the Autumn.   

o   Structure & Relaxation
o   What is going on behind the scenes while planning a wedding is just as important as the big day! If I am becoming overwhelmed with the details and structure of the event, Erik encourages me to take time to relax. Make sure that you have this stability during such a crazy time of life!   

o   Simplicity & Glamour
o   I certainly don’t want anyone walking into our reception thinking, “Gosh, this is the most gaudy place I have ever seen!” Erik and I worked together to create an ambiance that was an incredible balance of minimalism and chicness!

          I like to think that we have this whole wedding process totally wired…but I am sure that insanity will ensue the closer we get to the date! Don’t worry…I will absolutely keep you updated! Until next time!

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