Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Fabulously Roaring Twenties

            Ok…let’s be real…who doesn’t love the sheer opulence of the 1920s?! After the horror of World War I, society ultimately thrived on extravagance to celebrate their immense victory.  In a time of Prohibition...secrecy, excess, and glamour were key to living the ‘good life’.  Thanks to a period of time clouded in such mystery, we now have incredible inspiration for the perfectly alluring and sumptuous wedding.
            Let’s go over the wonderfully seductive details needed to create a roaring 1920s themed bash!

o   Flapper Inspired Wedding Gowns        
o   Look for something with a column-like silhouette…preferably in a flowing satin.  Be sure to accentuate your waistline…this will aid in creating a great, straight fit.  If the dress has heavy beading, you have hit the jackpot!

A great Claire Pettibone wedding gown.

A Decades Lace Collection wedding gown.

o   A Color Palette Filled with Dusty Hues
o   Picture a smoke filled room, lighted solely by candles in delicate votives, surrounded by women in stunning soft gowns and men in tailored suiting.  What colors come to mind?  For me, I have shades of dusty rose and lilac, soft yellow, hazy grey…how romantic!

o   Dapper Attire for the Men of the Day
o   Ok…this one is easy.  Can you say tailored suiting and wing tip shoes?!

Via DanceStore.com

An awesome, tailored Calvin Klein suit. 

o   Some Classy Jazz
o   Don’t be afraid to take the theme to the next level by playing tunes popular from the period.  If you are feeling daring, seek out an awesome local jazz band to entertain your guests all night long at the reception.

o   Lace Details
o   I like to think that one of the most romantic fabrics out there is a nicely detailed lace.  If you don’t agree, try incorporating this textile in a more subtle way…purchase table runners in a less expensive lace that you can use as a background for your incredible table décor.

o   Art Deco Jewelry
o   Striking designs, opulent jewels, and rich colors are some of the greatest characteristics of 1920s accessories.  Begin to scour any vintage stores in your town; you might be able to find some incredible choices.  If you don’t have a store like this nearby…it is ok…that is what the Internet is for!  Check out websites that will take you right back to the days of the flapper.

Via ArtDecoRings.com

Via MLive.com

I hope that these suggestions have helped to inspire you…if you are planning on a 1920s soiree for your wedding…please send us images!  We would love to see them!
P.S.- If you need any heavily beaded, 1920s theme accessories…we can obviously help you out with that!  Just shoot us an e-mail! 

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