Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Reality Check and Some Swan Lake

            Happy Tuesday readers…it may be gloomy outside but the mood is bright here in the Cocroft & Delbridge studio.  The team was able to complete a successful “Bridal Boot Camp” workout earlier this morning…wahoo!  Now, I am normally a pretty realistic person but while scrolling through the exercise programs…for some unknown reason…I figured that the ‘professional’ level really couldn’t be that difficult.  Let me just say that I survived ten of the thirty minute workout but not without oodles of sweat, some mild cursing, and the brief contemplation of throwing the remote through the T.V. screen…the trainer was just so wildly annoying.  What did I learn from this?  Ladies and gentleman…I am loving the ‘beginner’ level and am in no stinkin’ way a personal trainer.  Don’t worry about me though…I have come to terms with my extremely minimal athletic ability.
            Ok…enough of that…now that I am sufficiently embarrassed onto today’s topic of ballet inspired weddings!  Yay!  One of the most glamorous trends in wedding planning is to look to the stage for thematic cues.  What elements will make your guests want to shimmy into a leotard and tie on a pair of pointe shoes?  Take a look at our list below…

o   Tastefully Feathered Headpieces
o   Now I am not recommending that you take a hot glue gun and some craft store feathers to a headband…but to subtly add some plumage to your wedding day headpiece.  I have seen some stunning hair clips that are a combination of handmade flowers, gems, and smaller plumes.  Can’t envision this look…have no fear…I included an awesome image just for you.  Also…Cocroft & Delbridge can totally help you with creating the perfect headpiece …so shoot us an e-mail…yes that was a shameless plug.

Photographer Grey Zisser via The Knot

o   Soft, Gauzy Textures
o   So think of the wonderfully full tutus that prima ballerinas rock while floating across the stage…channel that vision when selecting your wedding gown.  Try to stay away from heavy fabrics like taffeta and satin…rely on lighter fabrics such as tulle and chiffon.

Anne Barge Gown via The Bride's Diary

o   ‘Shredded’ Fabrics
o   Please, please do not take scissors to your gown!  When I say ‘shredded’ fabrics...I am talking about looking for a gown with layers throughout the bottom.  Here…let me show you an example…

Jim Hjelm Gown via Martha Stewart Wedding

o   Glimmering, Shimmering Lights
o   Seriously, what is dreamier than being surrounded by flickering candlelight and seemingly tiny white stars?  Most ballets have a serious love story woven in…so take a cue from the professionals and pour in as much romance into the day as possible…without making your guests gag of course!

Photographer Dave Robbins via Snippet & Ink

Photographer Dave Robbins via Snippet & Ink

o   A Soft, Romantic Color Palette
o   Try to stay away from bright colors that could take away from the theme…look to shades like petal pink, ivory, lilac, and buttercup.  Your goal is to search for muted tones! 

D. Jones Photography via The Knot

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