Monday, April 11, 2011

Attempting to Color by Number

             All over the world, children simply adore color by number worksheets…who would have ever thought that this simple little activity would have a direct influence on major runways?!  Designers are now getting in on the fun and mixing bold, striking blocks of color into their collections.
            Here at Cocroft & Delbridge we love combining neutral tones with bright shades to make a unique personal statement.  Not wanting to be ‘behind the curve’ of fashion, we have been experimenting with mingling rich jewel tones and other sunny hues!  What are some color combinations that you would want to see from us?  Are you thinking of any funky pairs for your wedding colors?!  Here is a short list of mixes we thought of…let us know what you think!
o   Sapphire + Raspberry + Pewter Grey
o   Lime Green + Aqua + Tan
o   Royal Purple + Yellow + Diamond White  
o   Tangerine + Coral + Onyx

P.S. – Here are some runway looks that we are loving right now! Who are you using as your muse?!

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