Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday Night Fever!

            Are you feeling the groove?!  A mysterious fever has seemingly taken over the fashion industry in the form of polyester, floral accents, disco trends, and wide-leg trousers.  Can you guess what this sweeping epidemic is?  That is right, the 1970s are back with a vengeance!
            Hearing the high praises of women all over the world, fashion designers are recognizing that wide-leg trousers can be incredibly flattering for all body shapes and many occasions.  This simple silhouette is able to visually lengthen even the shortest of legs, add a hip feel to the most simplistic outfits, and amaze anyone you should happen to come across with their tailored aura.  Hooray, a pair of pants that can be extremely comfortable and will transition seamlessly from day to night.  Personally, I think their resurrection is simply wonderful!  So this blog is dedicated to the intelligent creators of this relaxed yet chic look!
            Pants can only take a fashionista so far (no matter their greatness) accessorizing is truly what makes an outfit original.  How can you swiftly throw together visually interesting pieces to finish your look?  One of the quickest fixes is to grab your Cocroft & Delbridge clutch to draw attention to your long, well-dressed legs!  When you get compliments from everyone you see, don’t be surprised…you are welcome. 

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