Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide!

            “You’re the Bride. You Decide. Your Wedding. Your Style.”  As you all know, the previously mentioned statement is the definite mantra of Cocroft & Delbridge.  The company prides itself on its ability to aide brides in creating the ultimate vision for their wedding…but what happens when one of C&D’s own gets married?!  Over the next few months you will be treated to a front row seat of the ups and downs of a bride who has spent much of her life surrounded by all-things-wedding!
            I suppose that I should introduce myself, my name is Courtney and I work full-time for Cocroft & Delbridge.  I absolutely adore my job and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  One of my favorite things to do is to help brides translate the image they see for their wedding into reality…but for my own wedding…well that is a whole different ball game!  Since I have been working with weddings for quite some time, I tend to love pretty much everything…modern, vintage, funky, traditional.  I think that it is all so great. 
Narrowing down a theme for my own wedding proved to be quite a challenge (especially with a fiancé who operates on the theory of, “Whatever you want darling!”).  After a ton of thought and advice, I have created a list of tips for every bride attempting to make that important first decision…the wedding theme.
o   Tip #1 - Close your eyes…can you envision how you want things to look on your ‘big day’?  If not, don’t panic!  There are so many resources to help you out!
o   Tip #2 - Start to scour the Internet for images of weddings…look at blogs, websites, whatever you can find.  Save the pictures of what you love and before you know it you can compare everything you have pulled.  Are there any trends?
o   Tip #3 - Listen to your gut…I bet that the first impression you have regarding other weddings is a clue to what you truly like.
o   Tip #4 - Write down a list of elements you like as a couple such as decades, movies, colors, activities.  Pull aspects of what defines both you and your fiancé to create the perfect day!
P.S. - Erik and I decided that our ideal wedding would look like a very natural, elegant, English garden in the fall.  I promise to keep you all updated on our beautiful nuptial progress. J


  1. Great tips! I have a "wedding" folder on Pinterest with all the pretty wedding ideas that I come be saved for one day....

  2. @ApachesPrincess...thank you so much! I must admit that I also kept a "wedding folder" even before I was engaged...there are just so many beautiful ideas out there!