Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let Them Eat...Fruitcake?!

            Royal napkins, royal mugs, royal faux engagement rings, royal life-size cardboard cutouts…oh my!  The frenzy surrounding the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate (Katherine) Middleton has descended upon us.  Speculation regarding hairstyle, make-up, the potential wedding gown, members of the bridal party, the guest list, and even reception food has seemingly popped up in every possible media outlet.  Perhaps the most odd bit of reported information is that the wedding cake chosen for the celebration will be a traditional FRUITCAKE!  A dessert that could be used as a doorstop, a gift that receives annoyed sighs, something that could nearly be considered a family heirloom!
            In an attempt to save the royal reception from being overshadowed by a terrifying cake selection, we here at Cocroft & Delbridge have decided to give our opinion on great colors for the day. 
o   Grass Green – A lovely light yet bright shade that will bring a smile to each guest’s anticipating face!  It can also aid in representing Ireland, one of the United Kingdom’s stunning territories.
o   Sky Blue – In a cool contrast to grass green, this shade will bring a calming tone to the reception décor and would look great with Kate Middleton’s complexion.
o   Daffodil Yellow – This sunny hue will go a long way in illuminating what will likely be a cavernous ballroom!
o   Diamond White – A pure tone that will certainly highlight the décor in a chic yet classic manner. 

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