Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Am the Bride...I Guess I Decide?! Part II

          For those of you following the Cocroft & Delbridge blog, you are already familiar with the ‘I Am the Bride…I Guess I Decide?!’ series; if you are new to the site, don’t worry we can definitely catch you up!  Here is the deal…one of C&D’s very own (Courtney) is currently in the midst of planning the wedding of her dreams and you, the reader, have a first row seat to the saga that comes with being the “star of the show”.  So sit back and relax while I attempt to be the bride and decide…without further ado…here is installment part two!
        Hi everyone!  I hope that you have been doing well since we last chatted…I know that I have been super busy both working and planning.  On Monday, I blogged about infusing both your ceremony and reception with elements from your wedding day’s season…today I am going to fill you in on how Erik and I will be doing just that!
o   Our Big Day: October
o   Season: Smack Dab in the Middle of Fall
o   Elements We Are Utilizing:
o   The wonderful, stunning hues
§  We are going to be combining the colors of scarlet, orange, and yellow…with a neutral anchor of pewter.  
o   Nature
§  In an attempt to embrace the changes occurring outdoors, we will be using items such as birch vases, large blooms, gourds (shown minimally and tastefully), and very organic shapes.
o   Cuisine
§  Obviously we must include both caramel apples and warm apple cider. J
o   Other
§  I am certain that as our wedding continues to become more finalized we will be adding other aspects of this wonderful time of year!
o   Elements We Aren’t Utilizing:
o   Jack-o’-lanterns
o   Monsters
o   Slime
o   Fake Blood
o   Eyeballs or other Severed Appendages
o   Cauldrons 
o   Mist
o   Candy Corn (even though they are delicious)

Via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Via Dean & Deluca

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