Monday, November 19, 2012

Petite Gilded Pumpkins.

Wahoo! Guess what?! This wonderful post that you are currently feasting your eyeballs on is our 100th entry. We couldn't be more excited about achieving this milestone and want to thank all of you for reading Life is Beauty Full so that we can continue to do what we love! :) 

-The Cocroft & Delbridge Team

In other news...Thanksgiving is THIS week! I can't even begin to believe how quickly 2012 has flown by, it is just incredible. I hope that you are starting to get excited for time with family, stuffing, turkey, and pie. While I adore this holiday, it can often be the inspiration for some pretty heinous weddings. From plastic cornucopias to faux turkeys...the nightmare just doesn't end.

As unbelievable as it sounds, a Thanksgiving themed wedding can be done spectacularly. The trick is to provide subtle hints of the season as opposed to featuring Pilgrim figurines on your table. One of my favorite ways to subtly guide your guests to your theme is through the use of color. An incredible color palette for this time of year is a combination of burnt oranges, glittery golds, creamy ivory, and a rich navy blue.

I love the warm and inviting feel of this table setting featured in Lonny Magazine. The orange, gold, and organic details immerse your guests in the season while the navy adds just a touch of sophistication. It is pure perfection. 

Utter Elegance.

How cute are these petite gilded pumpkins?!

These taper candles create a stunning display!

What are your personal favorite color combinations for this time of year? As always, your comments and thoughts are fantastically appreciated...I just love hearing your opinions!

Until next time, I will be up to my elbows in flour baking pies! Have a great day, xo.

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