Monday, August 29, 2011

#2 Pencils, Hurricanes, & Pink Feathers

            Hello my readers…gosh, I have missed you all!  This past week and a half off has been super crazy and I can’t wait to divulge every detail.  First things first…happy back to school season!  Last Friday, I had the privilege of moving my little sister into college…and let me tell you…it was weird.  I looked at my parents as we were driving away, wildly concerned that we were leaving her behind at this strange place made up of lectures, #2 pencils, and keg stands.  As difficult as it was to accept that she was indeed prepared to combat countless scantron exams on her own…I have to be happy that she is totally loving college.  So my dear sister, enjoy the next four years…you are so ready for this.  
            In other important news…I hope that all of you living on the East Coast are dry after welcoming Irene.  The images of devastation throughout area just broke my heart.  If there is anything that we can do here at Cocroft & Delbridge to help someone in your area…please let us know!    
            Now my dears…what exactly did I do on my week and a half off?!  Let me tell you…it was wonderful!  For my bachelorette and ‘big’ bridal shower, my bridesmaids, mother, and future mother-in-law treated me to a fantastic time in Rehoboth Beach.  For my bachelorette, the girls wrapped me in all things bridal-tacky such as a large, pink feather boa (I left a pink feather at every spot I went…it was simply the right thing to do), a flashing plastic engagement ring, a sash proclaiming that I was indeed the bride, and a rhinestone encrusted tiara complete with mini-veil.  In order to overwhelm the public with our extreme chicness, my matron of honor had t-shirts printed that read “Courtney’s Bachelorette Bash”…they wanted to make sure that everyone knew what we were celebrating…incase my attire wasn’t a dead giveaway.  Being the wild, party girl that I am…my mother and her best friend came along with us on our ladies night out.  Let me assure you…it was great.  I highly suggest bringing your mother along on your bachelorette…mothers can be quite hysterical and they are often dying to blow off some steam.     
            What are you planning to do for your bachelorette?  A spa day, crazy Vegas get away, wine tour?  Let us know your plans…we are dying to know! Until next time…xo   
P.S.- My bridal shower was phenomenal too…but I ran out of space to write. Boo.

These are my brand new friends...the staff at Dos Locos 

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