Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Money, Money, Money...Oh And Our Fiftieth Post

            Happy Tuesday darlings!  Guess what?!  You are currently reading a milestone post for us here at Cocroft & Delbridge…our fiftieth post!  Wahoo!  I won’t lie…we feel pretty awesome about it, but we couldn’t do it without you…the reader!  So thank you so much for continuing to read our zany thoughts! 
            Moving onward…this past weekend I was treated to the most marvelous bridal weekend in New York City with one of my bridesmaids.  We truly had the most phenomenal time but I will spare you all of the teeny tiny details (you are welcome).  Amanda…my bridesmaid…and I went to college together for Fashion Merchandising so we both have a deeply founded adoration for design.  On Saturday we walked along Madison Avenue and “shopped” in stores that we were so unable to afford.  It was great to hold a pair of $2,600 pants in my little hands…imagining how I would look in them and wondering if I would want to throw myself off of a bridge if I spilled something on such a striking garment.  I ultimately decided that I am pretty certain that I would look for the nearest structure and returned them to the rack…of course the price had nothing to do with that decision (so wildly sarcastic right now).   
            Since I was unable to purchase anything at Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Chloe…I can’t even bring myself to continue without vomiting…I have decided to dedicate this post to the luscious Fall 2011 styles of some of the greatest designers currently gracing this planet.  Enjoy and know that most of us mere mortals will never actually put on these outfits to run to the grocery.  Until next time…xo    

Alice + Olivia Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Alice + Olivia Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Chanel Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Chloe Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Diane von Furstenburg Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

Valentino Fall 2011 RTW via Style.com

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