Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Apology and Some Diamond Rings

            Hello my lovely blog readers! I am so terribly sorry about my extreme absence during the past few days…I had a whirlwind weekend with my man!  Over the weekend we went to a wonderful wedding, had a spectacular double date in Philadelphia, and reveled in some premium relaxation time.  It was glorious but now I obviously owe you all a killer post.
            Something I have been loving a ton lately are the incredible engagement photo shoots being churned out by some incredible photographers.  I just adore when you can feel the love and sense the personality of the couple by simply looking at some pictures!  Infusing your character, likes, and wedding theme are super great ways to begin deciding on a motif for your engagement shots.  Erik and I decided that we wanted something incredibly natural, fuss-free, and somewhat vintage.  Since we really wanted to avoid props to embrace simplicity we relied on our photographer to use filters that would give our photos an antiqued feel.  We could not have been happier with the results…I attached some of our shots for your viewing pleasure!
            Don’t let traditional images stifle your ideas…allow your imagination to run wild and brainstorm the perfect sitting for you and your sweetheart.  Let us know what awesome ideas you come up with and send us your favorite images!  Until next time…don’t let a fear of creativity keep you from styling the perfect shot!             

Erik and I via Rejoice Designs and Photography

Erik and I via Rejoice Designs and Photography

Erik and I via Rejoice Designs and Photography

Caroline Tran Photography

Joe Elario Photography
SOTA Photography

Tim Melideo Photography

Vitalic Photography

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