Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Duck Blind and Some Plaid

            Happy Wednesday darlings!  I hope that your week has been wonderful thus far and that you are enjoying the back to school season.  To be quite honest, I missed getting ready for classes when I went into Staples yesterday…I happen to be a major nerd and think that there is nothing more cleansing than a fresh, new notebook.  Just ask my fiancé, anytime we walk into a store and there are journals…I am distracted for a solid ten minutes coveting the beautiful covers.  Since I have totally surpassed my paper supply quota…I am forced to focus on other back to school joys…such as new clothing!  Even though my educational quest has ended, I still like to freshen up my wardrobe during this time of year…as I am sure most twenty-somethings do as well.  What type of blogger would I be if I didn’t update you on some of the hottest fall trends hitting stores near you this season?!  A bad one…that’s what.
One style you will be seeing this autumn that absolutely horrifies me is camouflage.  I understand that you might enjoy this pattern, however, unless you are hunting some sort of wild animal I really feel that it is inappropriate for every day looks.  Am I wrong?  Please let me know why you think this is something fashionable…I want to believe in this look…but I just can’t!
            Plaid, now that is something that I can get onboard with.  Whether on the runway or in a ready-to-wear collection…this textile has been appearing everywhere.  If you tend to be a shyer fashionista, this is the perfect trend for you.  Subtle garments can be added that will keep you looking chic such as a tartan scarf or skirt.  Take a look at the attached photographs to get your creative mind in motion and let us know what you come up with!  Until next time…slip on your kilt and get to shopping!     

Hilary Duff via People

I just love the bold statement that this scarf makes! 
The Budget Fashionista

A chic little hipster look...


Some wonderfully styled plaid tops. 

Victoria Beckham via Glamour

This just looks more like snake skin to me but it is supposedly camouflage. 

Daryl K. via Glamour

I just don't even know what to say about this...

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