Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'F' Is For Flashy Feet

            Hello readers!  I know that it is a Wednesday, so you are probably working, but take some time to enjoy the stunning weather outside…that is if you are in the Northeast.  It is so beautiful outdoors…if I wasn’t in my pajamas while writing this…I would absolutely be lounging outside working on my laptop.  I don’t want to frighten the neighbors so I have opted to stay on the couch for a bit longer.  Miss Anita, you are welcome.
            Our topic for today is one that is typically a generational divide…flashy feet.  A huge trend that brides adore, is donning a pair of shoes in punchy tones on your wedding day.  Personally, I will be rocking some papaya hued kicks…but my parents (especially my father) were hesitant about something so non-traditional.  I totally get where they were coming from…back in the day it was totally uncouth not to be decked out in all white…heaven forbid you wore an ounce of black!  Now, brides of all shapes, sizes, and budgets are infusing color into their big day looks.  If you feel hesitant about shades other than diamond white…try shoe clips!  These little additions to shoes allow you to purchase a pair in a pure shade (for the ceremony) and add a burst of color by slipping on the clips for the reception.  Naturally, Cocroft & Delbridge offers some pretty awesome shoe clips that you need to check out.  What are you waiting for?!
            How are you feeling about not wearing all white on your wedding day…or any bride for that matter adding color to her ensemble?  We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Until next time…xo             

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