Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Fall Trends & An Onion Festival...No But Seriously

            Happy Thursday morning loves!  Now, I am not totally sure how you left your state of slumber earlier…but I was awakened by my insane puppy Coconut jumping on my chest and unwaveringly licking my face (and sort of up my nostrils).  That sort of lovin’ tells me that it is going to be a good day. 
If you read my post yesterday…which you obviously did…you know that we are currently discussing some of fall’s hottest trends!  I would hate to let you down so I want your opinion on some great autumn fashions.
-Polka Dots
            Personally, I love polka dot patterns…I think that they can be both sweet and modern depending upon the size of the spots.  It is a trend that every single person, no matter his or her personal style, can wear.  Who doesn’t love something so inclusive?!  Don’t believe me?  Just look at these photos for proof that you to can start sporting speckles.
Collette Dinnigan Fall 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2011

Marni Fall 2011

Stella McCartney Fall 2011

-Chunky Sweaters
            It is about darn time this one came back!  When I was in college (and I still do this) I would wear my dad’s old sweaters from the 70’s and 80’s. They were way to big for me, super comfy, and looked killer (in my humble opinon) with leggings and boots.  I won’t lie to you, some people looked at me like I had lost my mind…which maybe I had…but I love(d) those garments.  Now ladies and gents…designers are sending this very look down the runways!  Hooray!  I feel so cool right now.      

Gap Fall 2011

Gilded Age via New York Magazine

J.Crew Fall 2011

J.Crew Fall 2011

-Bright Bottoms
                        I am definitely not suggesting that you paint your tush to rock this look…please don’t do that.  All you have to do is simply pick up a pair of pants, shorts, or even a skirt in a super punchy color…pair with a neutral top…and voila!  Any color goes with this trend…bright turquoise, a shocking pink, lemon yellow, or a scarlet red.  You will look just so fresh and stylish.

via Million Looks 
Via Million Looks

Via Million Looks

            As always, send us images of the wonderful looks you have concocted…we can’t wait to see what you have created!  You might be wondering why the words “An Onion Festival” are in the title of this post…well let me tell you.  Tomorrow, I will be going up to northern New York for just that…a festival of onions.  As terrifying as it is…it is actually more fun than it sounds…or maybe that is just because I have been going mostly every year of my life.  Hmm.  With that said…I won’t be posting until next week…which I know, is tragic.  I hope that you will forgive me…but I mean it is summer and I am sure that you are busy as well.  If you are lucky…I might just bring back an onion…you will just have to wait and see!  Until next time…xo.         

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