Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pleasing The Crowd

            Happy early afternoon loves!  How are you?!  I am so happy that I was able to look outside my window this morning and see the beautiful sun…it has just been so gross/gloomy lately.  So yay for some sunshine. 
Ok, this morning I was looking at my Knot account only to realize that I am getting married in 58 days…only 58 days!  That is just so surreal to me since we have been engaged for over a year…and now it is almost here!  Whoa.  With most of the planning done (thankfully) I have really begun to reflect on different aspects of orchestrating my own wedding.  One of the most difficult tasks that I had to tackle was selecting a bridesmaid dress for my best friends.  I have a bridal party of eight…with so many girls there are naturally different personal styles, different body types, different budgets, and different opinions.  I agonized for days trying to figure out how to make every single member in my bridal party happy…it was so stressful.  It was so vital to me that the women who are closest to me feel stunning standing beside me on my wedding day.   
Ultimately, after thinking about letting the ladies pick their own frocks…I decided to select three styles that I felt would flatter all of my girls.  Now I am super happy with my decision but there are some stunning gowns for your besties out there that have ludicrous price points.  If you could pick any bridesmaid dress for your big day…regardless of budget…what would you choose?
Here are some of my dream selections…I hope you drool over them as much as I have.  Until next time! xo         

Robert Rodriguez via Saks Fifth Avenue

I just love the punchy orange color of this dress and the super flattering neckline!   The little jeweled belt is also wonderful for everyone's waistline.  Girls...feel like spending $750 on your bridesmaid dress?

via Priscilla of Boston

I just adore the draping of this short is just so flowing and natural.  What can I say...I am a sucker for neutrals. 

ML Monique Lhuillier via Saks Fifth Avenue

I can just envision this dress for a beautiful evening wedding in the winter...imagine an old chapel filled with flickering candles and your girls holding scarlet blooms.  How perfect! 

via Elie Saab

Now, I am a HUGE Elie Saab when I saw these luscious beaded dresses...I just couldn't control myself.  I truly can't think of a single person in the world that wouldn't look stunning in one of these babies!

via Elie Saab

via Elie Saab

via Elie Saab

via Elie Saab

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