Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anchors Away!

            Hello lovelies.  Ugh, isn’t it just so stunning outside today (if it isn’t as gorgeous where you are…I apologize for gloating).  The super weather has played a huge part in inspiring me for today’s post…embracing all things nautical!  No matter your personal style…bohemian, rocker, fashionista, preppy, or grunge…you can somehow incorporate this wonderful trend into your wardrobe.  Here are some ideas for those of you considering donning full sailor regalia and those simply drawing ideas for your color palette.  Enjoy…if you get seasick be sure to grab your Dramamine!
o   Anchor Motifs
o   Feeling bold?  Why not go straight to the source and rock a frock adorned with anchors…patterns can be as daring or as subtle as you desire.

Yves Saint Laurent 

o   Some Sea Worthy Rope
o   Accessories are great tools to incorporate this maritime element into your ensemble.  One of my favorite ways to translate this idea is through handbags (shocking, I know).   Obviously if you want the perfect nautical should give Cocroft & Delbridge a call!

Big Buddha

o   A Tip of the Hat
o   Now you don’t have to wear an actual sailor’s hat…but I mean if you want to…go for it!  There are plenty of styles and details that will look awesome on you!  Try a boater cap with a chic ribbon tied about the crown of the accessory.  


o   Striped Garments
o   Don’t be afraid of the striking statement that stripes make…display your article of clothing with tons of pride.  If you are feeling extremely confident try combining horizontal and vertical stripes!  


o   Clean Lines
o   An easy way to incorporate this style is to wear structured garments that give a very streamlined figure…as shown in this image below.


o   White, Navy, Yellow, Red
o   Not totally feeling the ocean breeze?  Don’t worry…you can take minor cues from the trend for your look.  Rely on typical nautical shades for a nod to the sea. 

Photographer Paul Chapplles via The Daily Record 

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