Friday, July 22, 2011

A Baller Article & Obviously Some Cheese

            Happy Friday darlings!  Ok super huge news from our end…we have been featured in an article in the central Pennsylvania newspaper, The Patriot!  Wahoo…if I do say so myself it is pretty stinkin’ awesome.  I know that you are just itching to read the don’t worry…I attached the link for you because I like to consider myself a giver.  Hopefully you will read it, love it, and give us a call!  I just can’t even tell you how pumped everyone on the Cocroft & Delbridge team is for this super publicity! Yay.
            Now for some cheese…as promised.  Today I will be making you say “Stop it…this is so touching” and melting the heck out of your hearts…with some loving pictures of fathers and daughters.  My dad and I have decided that he isn’t going to know anything about my wedding gown until the big day…so that way he will be just as surprised as my groom!  I certainly hope that his reaction will be as sweet as these papa’s.  Enjoy boys and girls…have an excellent weekend…until next time!      

Nelson Wedding Photography

Nessa Kessinger Photography via The Knotty Bride

Studio B Photography


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