Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brrr...It's Cold In Here!

            Happy Thursday readers!  Now I am not sure about where you live…but here in the North Eastern USA…it is as hot as all heck.  I mean…I love summer but for real…I am getting sick of sweating (I realize that is gross, but hey, we are all friends here).  In an attempt to beat the heat…I am rebelling and chatting about covering up on your wedding day. 
            When searching for my own wedding gown…I really wanted to find something non-matronly with some sort of sleeve.  Like a bunch of women out there, I just don’t have the upper body for a strapless gown…if you know what I am saying.  I had the hardest time finding something that I loved!  One woman changed all of that…Princess Kate/Catherine…I just don’t know what to call her anymore.  After the royal wedding, dresses with sleeves started popping up in every single price-point out there!  Personally, I think that it is about stinkin’ time.  So for your viewing pleasure…here are some phenomenal gowns with SLEEVES!  Hurray!  Until next time…

Photographer Lisa Devlin via Ruffled

Addie by Monique Lhuillier

Chloe by Carmen Marc Valvo 


Belle by Alfred Angelo

Style 4706 by Priscilla of Boston

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