Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fans, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Popsicles

            Happy afternoon loves…now I am not sure where you are…currently reading this post…but if you are on the East Coast of the United States…I am so sorry.  We have been totally struck with an oppressive heat wave.  Like the type of hot where just the thought of skinny jeans feels equivalent to how Leo felt wearing his headgear in The Man In The Iron Mask.  Now I know that I am currently assessing the livability of the Artic and relying on sheer fabrics to keep me cool…how are you beating the heat? 
            Just because the mercury is rising, doesn’t mean that people are postponing their weddings or that it is finally appropriate for you to write on response cards that you will only be in attendance if the temperature is below 80 degrees…though that is a lovely thought.  If you happen to be a bride planning her nuptials in the smack-dab middle of summer, here are some fantastic ways to help your guests avoid sweating to death.  Trust me…you will want to help them somehow…otherwise everyone might suddenly ‘come down’ with an awful stomach flu just in order to leave your fete…which would be such a shame!  So throw them a bone…or at least a fan!  Until next time, stay in the shade!  

Anamarija K. Photography

Even the tiniest members of your bridal party need shade! Consider providing light parasols during the

 ceremony...it would be terrible if the sun's rays blocked the guest's view of how awesome you look! 

Ice Cream Sandwiches and Wrapping via Tartlette

Honestly, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich...and the presentation is just to

dang cute to resist!

Sakura Photography

Umm...gelato at a wedding...yes please! This one really requires no explanation.

We Love Pictures Photography via Once Wed

If you are a budget-concious bride, try printing your wedding programs on heavy card stock, cut them

into the shapes of fans, glue a popsicle stick in between the two sides...and voila! A wedding program

 and guest cooling device all in one!

Via What A Wedding Blog

You can never go wrong with a classic. Slap your faces onto some bottles of water and make them

available for guests throughout the evening in large ice-filled containers...before the ceremony, after the

 cocktail hour, and on the way out the door for the drive home! Dehydration is an ugly thing my



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