Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Rules of White

            Happy Tuesday!  I certainly hope that everyone had an awesome 4th of July weekend and found some time to relax!  Now…back to the daily grind. Our super important discussion today will review both the so-called and totally necessary rules of rocking white…a crisp and refreshing absence of color.  Read, re-read if needed, enjoy, and follow. 
o   Rule #1- White cannot be worn before Easter and after Labor Day. 

o   I say that this is a total load of poo.  If you feel like throwing on a white cardigan or blouse during the seasons of fall and winter…go for it!  Personally, I think that white is the perfect starter shade for any outfit…so experiment…be a rebel! 

Via Chictopia.com

Ugh...just so cute...and that is actually snow on the ground!

o   Rule #2- Absolutely any shade can be paired with white.

o   Thus far in my life…I have been completely unable to find a hue that ‘clashes’ with the pureness of white.  The great thing about this little tid-bit of information is that you can convey your mood with shades of garments.  Feeling gloomy…pair grey tints with white…feeling sunny…mix bright yellows and oranges…how about flirty…well pick out a fresh raspberry blouse!  Feel free to get creative and funky!      

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This woman is just so incredibly fashionable...I can barely take it!

o   Rule #3- Never, ever wear white to a wedding if you aren’t the bride.

o   Seriously, unless you are specifically invited to do so…DO NOT wear white to nuptials if you aren’t saying vows that day.  This rule is rather straight forward…you just don’t want to be ‘that girl’.

via WeddingBee.com

How incredibly embarrassing...open bar or not...you can't live this down. 

o   Rule #4- Select your undergarments with careful precision while in white.

o   Please, for the sake of everyone involved…be extremely cautious when choosing the foundation of your ensemble.  Despite what you might believe, I can in fact see both your white bra and pink leopard print underwear.  While it might not be the most glorious shade in the world…this is a situation where you must rely on flesh tones!  Just take my word for it.

via TheFrisky.com

Ahh...the polite way to wear white.

What are your own personal rules when wearing white?  We would love to hear them!  Until tomorrow… 

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