Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Super Cute Cheesing

Yay!  We have made it to Friday…let’s celebrate by having some cute cheese to send you off on your weekend.  Today…for your viewing pleasure…are some pictures that will simply make you go, “Awwwww.”  Let me just say in advance that you are so very welcome for that momentary gooey feeling in your tummy.  Until next time…have an incredible weekend!  

Photograph by Haley Sheffield via The Wedding Chicks

Seriously. I can just feel the love in this photo. 

Elkie Photography

These girls are SO over the ceremony. I bet they are wondering when there will be cake. 

Mark Adams Photography

Honestly, I feel badly laughing...but this picture is wildly hysterical/chock full of adorableness. 

Jessica Claire Photography

This picture just speaks for itself...could this little ring bearer be any cuter?! 

Elaine Marie Photography

For some reason I just think this picture is so darling...maybe it is the umbrellas.

John Barone Photography

Ahh hahaha. This picture kills me every single actually is from one of my friend's weddings and it never gets old.  I figured that after the cuteness explosion we just needed some laughs.

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