Friday, July 1, 2011

Cheesing It Up...Stars and Stripes Style

            Happy Friday everyone…we have made it to July!  I am going to be honest…typically when I think of Fourth of July inspired weddings…I think of something that looks as if Betsy Ross vomited.  However, I have been proved completely and utterly wrong! For today’s ‘Cheesing It Up’, I have selected some totally classy patriotic nuptials.  Enjoy…have a safe holiday weekend and be sure to thank someone in our military!  Until next time! 

Stacey Kane via The Knot

Ok great are those bridesmaid dresses?! 

Kate Headley via La Petite Coquin

Who doesn't love a great sparkler send off for the bride and groom? 

via Banquet Event

I don't think this patriotic picnic wedding could be anymore darling! 

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