Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Follow Me To The Castle...

            Happy Tuesday boys and girls!  I hope that this post finds you soaking up the warm summer sun…but obviously being responsible by drinking tons of water and wearing sunscreen…we support good health practices over here.  Okay, moving on from today’s public service announcement to our topic…fairytale weddings.  Gallant stallions, charming princes, flowing dresses, towering castles, magic pumpkin carriages, and of course fairy godmothers are all things that filled our imaginations while growing up…but should we include something so fantastical in one of the most serious commitments a adult can ever make?  The whole ‘princess for a day’ theme is something that I am super undecided about.  I mean, of course I danced around in tiaras and gaudy faux jewelry (blatantly attempting to be a member of the royal family), as a little girl but is that what I want to draw inspiration from for my big day?
            Now…I know that storybook weddings can turn out beautifully…I added pictures of some stunners for you to feast your eyes on…but I just don’t know!  Alfred Angelo has created a gorgeous line of gowns that channel the personalities of everyone’s favorite Disney princesses and the idea of a perfectly coifed ballroom is just so romantic.  Is it silly to include your childhood fantasies into your grown-up wedding?  What are your thoughts on this…help me?  Until next time…     

Via Sangmaestro.com

A fashion-forward take on the traditional 'fairytale' wedding.
via ManoloBrides.com

Some darling fairies...I mean flower girls.
The Plaza Hotel via AisleDash.com

A stunning ballroom, fit for any princess.
Advertisement for Alfred Angelo Disney Princess Line

Style Ariel via Alfred Angelo

Style Belle via Alfred Angelo

Style Sleeping Beauty via Alfred Angelo

Style Snow White via Alfred Angelo

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