Monday, July 25, 2011

Confetti & Filler

            Happy Monday readers! I hope that you are enjoying you super humid afternoons…goodness it is just so muggy out.  Despite the Sahara-like weather, today is a huge, huge day my friends!  It is my fiancé’s birthday…wahoo…so be sure to throw some virtual confetti his way!  Happy birthday handsome.  
            Now I am not sure about you…but I am the type of person that likes to root for the underdog.  In the big, bad world of flowers…baby’s breath, heather, limonium, Queen Anne’s lace are some of the little guys in the fight.  Generally considered simple filler in your floral arrangement meant to enhance the fullness of the bunch…these poor ignored blossoms!  Lately, I have seen some beautiful centerpieces that feature lesser blooms in the floral kingdom…and let me be the first to tell you…they can definitely stand on their own!  Another great often over-looked idea?!  Incorporating cotton…trust me it works so well.  Ok…now for some picture justification for those of you non-believers!     
            Until next time...think of some awesome flower combos that you are relying on for your big day…be sure to let us know your creative ideas!  

via Grey Likes Weddings

via Intimate Weddings

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The Nest Florist via Ruffled Blog

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I mean I obviously had to throw in a birthday cake for my man! :) As you can tell his favorite is carrot cake!


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